Andy Lor

Upcycled Clothing Brand


Project Description:
Glitch is more than just a brand—it's a movement centered on upcycling recycled clothing and challenging the norms of planned obsolescence. We believe that every flaw holds the potential to be transformed into a defining feature, and every setback can pave the way for a breakthrough. Glitch's mission is clear: to redefine perfection by wholeheartedly embracing the quirks and anomalies that make each piece unique. Pioneering a new era of sustainability and style, Glitch seamlessly combines innovation with eco-consciousness.

Use of AI:
AI assisted me in my project in many ways to accelerate my design process. CHATGPT to help structure my ideas and workflow. Shopify's AI for my website. Photoshop Generative Fill for my product photo edits. Illustrator Text AI to create backgrounds and minor details.