Evan Walters

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Project Description:
Pronto brings a personalized experience to the point of sale systems used in the service industry. Pronto offers a tablet and handheld point of sale interface which servers and bartenders can use and integrate into their normal workflow. Designed to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency, Pronto also allows users to customize their experience on a more personal level. Accessibility was important in the development of Pronto. From the default colors, typefaces, layout, and interactions, Pronto allows anyone to embrace the efficiency of this product. Each server has their own style and system of workflow. Their point of sale should be able to match and expand their efficiency, not hinder it. Pronto allows servers to customize their point of sale experience to better fit their needs on a person to person basis. Pronto utilizes AI to enhance users' workflow. Pars, stocks, and other useful information will automatically update and can be shown in the interface to allow servers to adjust their workflow at just a glance.

Use of AI:
Pronto is a brand that focuses on point of sale systems, which aims to assist service workers by creating an environment which works with them case by case. In the development stages, Pronto was used in order to identify potential problems within the service industry regarding efficiency. Pronto also aims to harness AI to assist users during service by keeping track of data and suggest personalized adjustments to make workflow as smooth as possible.