Madison Skaggs

AI Goal Setting App


Project Description:
Motivo aims to assist individuals in establishing achievable goals amidst the chaos of modern life. In a universe filled with distractions and superficial social media content, people struggle to maintain motivation and explore new goals. Often, the failure to set realistic goals and break down those goals into manageable tasks leads to abandonment. This is where Motivo steps in. Equipped with AI-driven goal planning, task tracking, task pausing, reward systems, and a motivational goal buddy named Tivo. Individuals can face their goals head-on and see them through no matter how big they are.

Use of AI:
Motivo harnesses the power of AI to make goal-setting easy and fun. Users can establish customized goals via AI-generated tasks and engage in conversations with their AI companion, Tivo, who provides tailored advice and strategies to ensure their goals are achieved.