Abigail Luna Ramirez

Discover new hobbies app


Project Description:
Soakup is dedicated to enhance self-care by connecting individuals with a wide range of resources to discover and engage in various hobbies or activities they are passionate about. Individuals benefit from improved self-esteem, stress relief, and an overall sense of accomplishment. Additionally, pursuing hobbies can foster a sense of community and belonging, contributing to emotional well-being. Soakup's features include a self-discovery quiz to help users find a new hobby, a diverse list of hobbies to explore, and a community tab where users can connect with others to participate in shared activities and events.

Use of AI:
Integrating AI, I developed an app that features a personalized hobby quiz, designed to identify users’ interest and recommend potential hobbies. The app also used AI to locate and suggest events based on users’ preference, encouraging the exploration and discovery of new and engaging activities.