Faith Petrina

Empowering Individuals to Live Generously


Project Description:
Attune is a mobile app created in response to the rise of loneliness and anxiety in America. Recognizing the profound need for human connection within an ever-growing technological era, Attune leverages artificial intelligence, location services, and tailored push notifications to empower others to live generously. Attune achieves this by encouraging users to share their own preferences as well as explore the profiles of others. Made for all relationships, preferences can be hidden, and profiles sorted into groups, allowing Attune to be used for family, friends, coworkers, and any other group. Whether it's to learn new ways to give to others or to remember the preferences of someone we are already close to, Attune provides great conversation starters and accurate ideas on ways to live generously.

Use of AI:
Incorporating AI into my project not only transformed my workflow but also the functionality of my app. Attune utilizes AI matching to discover shared preferences among user profiles, suggesting locations or activities based on the results. This feature significantly enhanced the app's excitement and efficiency, aligning perfectly with my brand's core values.