Dylan Frey

Art Discovery Box

Do Creativity Kits

Project Description:
For lots of kids, making art was an amazing experience. it wasn’t about what the art looked like in the end, it was about, playing, creating, and having fun in the process. However, with our growing technological society, there’s been a disconnect between the arts and us as humans and an increased pressure to make “good” art, especially impacting the younger generation. This pressure to make “good” art takes the play and curiosity out of making and is why “Do” creativity kits was invented, to allow kids to find comfort in creativity once again. With “Do”, it’s about enjoying and celebrating the experimental process of creating more than the end result.

Use of AI:
In my project I used AI to help inform how the shapes I used throughout the design process looked. I also used it to transform my project by discovering points of concern in art making and how sensory issues and art making style can relate to personality and comfort.