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Bookworm Games

Project Description:
The central goal of Bookworm Games is to get kids excited about reading again. Less and less kids are reading for fun and instead, turn to their iPads. Bookworm Games combine the best of both worlds: books and gaming! On the website, kids will be able to read books for free. After they read a book, they take a short 3-question quiz about the story. If they pass, they get points! They can use those points to unlock fun mini-games or collectible book characters. Bookworm Games brings the joy of reading back to kids, merging books with fun gaming experiences, all in one vibrant online space.

Use of AI:
Bookworm Games uses AI to personalize the reading experience for each child, offering tailored book recommendations and storytelling adventures. Through adaptive algorithms, mini-games would adjust in difficulty, ensuring a fun and challenging experience for every player.