Eli Meehl

Group Hike Social Club

Ramblers and Company

Project Description:
Ramblers and Company is the social club you didn’t know you needed. Addressing or society’s the epidemic of loneliness in innovative ways, Ramblers is a group hiking social club designed to help individuals build communities, create new connections, get active, and reconnect with the environment. Importantly, Ramblers is set in an approachable, low-effort, and low-commitment environment that facilitates inclusivity. This line aims to support and promote the social club and provides gear to ensure members stay comfortable on any adventure, from a simple stroll around town to a 12-month hiking expedition.

Use of AI:
Ramblers utilizes AI to create an environment and events that are approachable and attainable for a wide range of community members. By analyzing hundreds of local trails, AI helps sort and assist leaders in selecting the best trail and route for each week’s Ramble. This implementation of AI not only saves a significant amount of time but also ensures that all Ramblers feel comfortable and confident attending our weekly events.