Libby Meyer

Coffee rooted in nature


Project Description:
Chicoree is a coffee brand that promotes wellness as well as focusing on natural elements such as its ingredients or the environment one chooses to drink their coffee in. Chicoree is a naturally caffeine free coffee that is made from the roots of chicory plants. It has many health advantages, like its natural ingredients, digestive health benefits, and vitamins. Many people face stress in today's world and drinking caffeine can add to the issue. With Chicoree being naturally non-caffeinated, one can reduce stress levels as well as enjoy it at any time in the day. It is a great coffee alternative due to these aspects and promotes a way of healthier living.

Use of AI:
I used AI for some of my design images as coffee environments as well as in the Chicoree website. People can visit the website and take a quiz to determine their ideal "coffee drinking" environment using AI images.