Ella Johnson

Horse Sanctuary & Tapbarn Venue

Sunset Tapbarn

Project Description:
Sunset Tapbarn provides a one-of-a-kind experience. A horse retirement sanctuary with a tap barn venue where crafty sips and horseshoes meet. Families can enjoy a variety of craft beverages while helping to provide the equine residents with some of the care they need in their daily lives. But that's not all, at Sunset Tapbarn, you can get more involved and take part in the experience of purchasing a horse-safe drink similar to yours for one of our equine residents.

Use of AI:
I utilized Ai for mostly research purposes and as a sounding board for my different product’s information. Ai enabled idea generation by granting access to a vast archive of knowledge and offering recommendations on related topics. Theoretically, Ai would also be used to transform the scheduling and pairing process of the equine residents with families and other customers to ensure a good match is made through an app or questionnaire.