Murphy Hill

Educational Insect Care Kits


Project Description:
Insects, while being a major backbone of almost every ecosystem, are largely viewed in a negative light. Crawlee strives to reconstruct these negative connotations by educating on the benefits of insects and building new positive experiences with users. Users are given the opportunity to learn from and love these curious little creatures with the necessary materials and care information all available through Crawlee, making enclosure setup and insect care easy and fun. Also, insects have such a wide range of sizes and needs, that Crawlee can find a match for anyone's accommodations. These interactions can reestablish interest in nature with the disconnected younger generations, foster the interests of those already involved in the hobby, and even help reform negative perceptions in those with ingrained apprehensions. Through Crawlee anyone can explore the rich, colorful, and exciting world of bugs!

Use of AI:
I used AI most frequently for writing content and enhancing image quality. AI writing tools helped me enhance and refine the content I wrote, as well as summarize large volumes of information efficiently, saving time without compromising quality. AI image sharpening software improved image clarity and resolution, expanding my options for high-quality images and enabling larger prints of raster-based graphics.