Kyle Mialkowski

Wildlife Trading Cards


Project Description:
MyZoo Wildlife Trading Cards is a project designed to enhance the educational experience for children and teens visiting zoos. Traditional informational placards at zoos may not always effectively engage young visitors. The goal of MyZoo Wildlife Trading Cards is to encourage active learning and curiosity among zoo visitors. By providing a unique and engaging experience, the project aims to make the zoo visit more memorable and educational. Each trading card includes important conservation information, as well as the names and images of the animals, to foster a deeper connection and understanding. The trading cards also serve as souvenirs, allowing children to take home a piece of their zoo adventure and continue learning about the animals long after their visit.

Use of AI:
In the MyZoo project, AI played a transformative role in design, particularly in two key areas. Firstly, AI was used to generate vibrant and cohesive color palettes, ensuring that each trading card's design was visually appealing and harmonious. Additionally, AI was utilized to automatically generate educational information for the back of the trading cards, streamlining the process and ensuring that each card contained relevant and engaging content. These AI-powered tools not only saved time but also enhanced the overall design and educational value of the MyZoo Wildlife Trading Cards.